General advice

  • Don’t hide behind your table. If your display is blocking you from view try and move it a little. Be present but don’t stare the con goers down. Just be polite. Feel free to draw
  • Try trading your comic for someone else! It never hurts to ask and some people may think its a really cool idea. (It may also save you a bit of money!)
  • What sells well: A4 prints (glossy), Animation DVDs, Small toys, buttons and bookmakrs
  • Consider selling bundles of comics at a discount if you have a large selection and have a comic you can recommend to people
  • Don’t leave your table unmanned or ignore people
  • Remember to bring rubber bands so you can roll up A3/4 prints
  • Commenting on people’s cosplay may help them feel more comfortable around you
  • Have cards to give out and make it obvious that they can be taken
  • Fan art sells the best, think Wolverine, Adventure Time and My Little Pony
  • Buy frames and have framed art, just add the cost of the frame to the price. Framing can be a barrier to some people buying prints.
  • Print what you can afford (it’s awful to run out) but manage your expectations.

Links to other con tips:

Supanova 092

Your table

What you get at Supanova:

• 2x2m2 space with a 2.4m high Velcro compatible wall
• Carpet
• 1 x 6ft trestle
• 3 x chairs
• 3 x Exhibitor Passes.

This will vary from con to con so make sure you read all the information you are given! Also don’t be afraid to ask previous con exhibitors (especially on the SCG Facebook page) how much space is available, what its like, what they did, etc.

Supanova 082 Supanova 077 Supanova 066 Supanova 065 Supanova 058

The Wall

At a con you will most likely get a wall behind your table. This is ideal for displaying prints and promotional material. You can also display prices up there. Commonly there will be a carpet backing on the wall which lends itself to velcro stickers. If you want to protect your prints and not sacrifice them for display then it’s recommended that you put them in plastic sleeves and attach the sleeves to the wall instead of the prints themselves.

The table itself

Supanova 086

The table cloth

Whether its the standard black or a mermaid tail pattern, your table cloth is important.

  • Clean it before hand
  • Make sure it’s big enough to cover the table to the floor but not too big
  • Think about how the stock will look on it, it’s important to complement the stock and not take away from it!

Supanova 057

Displaying your stock

From stands to frames, there are a number of ways to display your stock! It’s important for stock to be easy to reach and pricing to be easy to find and understand. Deals should be displayed predominately. Consider leaving space around your stock and not cramming your table. If you have a display folder make it easy to reach and obvious.

Supanova 050Supanova 056

 Flyers and free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff and anything that helps people remember who you are is worth it. Be creative and try things out. If it doesn’t work this year try another promotion next year. Make sure your free stuff (especially flyers, postcards and business cards) is obvious and it’s to hand them to or point them out to the con goers to make sure they take one. But make sure you have a lot! Flyers will go fast especially if they are well designed!

Supanova 089

Finishing touches

If you have the room it’s a good idea to think about decorating your table.

Your Float

Do not forget your float! Bring plenty of coins and notes. Expect to be asked to break $50.

Your Stock

Stock needs to be organised and easy for anyone who watches your table to figure out where things are. Keep your stock safe and consider getting sleeves to put your stock in when your have sold it. It nearly always rains at Supanova so this will stop water damage and damage from being carried. Consider organizing prints in a folder.


The list of items to bring

  • Velcro
  • Stands
  • Float money + a money box
  • Table cloth
  • Rubber bands
  • Snacks
  • A folder to display and store prints


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