Sydney Comics Guild is planning to do an anthology yearly – whether this happens or not is up to the members! At the moment we’re only ‘publishing’ our anthologies online but print may be a possibility some time in the future!

Sydney Comics Guild runs this anthology for several reasons. The first and foremost is that it helps people create comics! Being a short comic makes it an easier goal to achieve and working with others towards a shared goal helps people to stay motivated and inspired.


We will take 1-12 page comics and illustrations. The recommendation is 5-8 pages for newbies or writers looking for artists.


Pages are to be 170 mm wide x 260 mm high with a 5 mm bleed. This is so they’re ready to print in case we decide to do so later on.
Note: If making the pages digitally (or when scanning pages) make sure the resolution on the files is at 300 dpi. This means that at least you will have a version that will look good if printed, even though we will lower the res for web display. Also, when you lay out your pages leave a space of at least 1 cm between the edges of the page and any important details/text, so it doesn’t get cut off in any cropping.


(As to be expected,) no porn, gratuitous nudity, or anything offensively racist! If any comic features these things, it will not be included in the anthology.

The idea of the anthology is to create an opportunity for us to make short comics! The comic you make is your own and you’re welcome to use it for your own purposes.

Anthologies are sorted by year with the theme.

2012 Fantasy
2013 The Closed Door
2014 White
2015 Dragon, Umbrella, Robot and Cat
2016 Silence
2017 Apocalyptic Fairytale


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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