President\Fearless leader – Alex Hammond

Leads the group

  • Currently: Filling in any gap that hasn’t been filled by volunteers
  • Ideally: Dreaming up new and exciting things for SCG and implementing them in a sustainable fashion


Supports the president with their duties

  • Supporting the president in their role and taking any responsibilities that become too much for the president
  • Moderating the group to ensure that it is a safe and welcoming environment
  • Encouraging posting and asking of questions
  • Looks for volunteers for empty roles


To keep the leader of Sydney Comics Guild sane we are looking for a secretary! This person will help with all sorts of odds and ends tasks and assist in ‘putting out the fire’ inherit to community art organisations.


  • Be available weekly
  • Help set goals and organise the Sydney Comics Guild volunteer team
  • Edit promotional material and the website


Treasurer – Hilary Sandeman

Deals with money

  • Works with the workshop manager, table coordinator and publisher to look after the money.
  • Manages bank account
  • Organises SCG’s budget
  • Regularly updates the group and the budgets state


Event Guru

Keeps track of all non-SCG comic related (art and writing) events in Sydney, NSW and Australia.

  • Keeping in contact with appropriate people
  • Watching blogs/feeds for event information
  • Informs the group of events though posts
  • Maintains the event calendar


Making friends officer– Meriana Gyory

Make connections with comic creators from around Australia to learn about:

  • Anthologies
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Book launches
  • Kickstarters
  • Stores


  • Keeping in contact with appropriate people
  • Watching blogs/feeds for event information
  • Informs the group of events though posts
  • Maintains the event calendar


Hacker – Patrick Catanzariti

The guy or girl who looks after the SCG web site and keeps everything running


  • Maintains the SCG website by
    • Updating plugins
    • Updating themes
    • Ensuring site content is entered correctly
    • Checking to make sure links are working
    • Working with content creators to create interesting pages
  • Maintains the SCG forum
    • Troubleshoots any technical problems


2018 Anthology Head Editor


  • Choose anthology theme/create poll to choose anthology theme
  • Plan key dates for the anthology
  • Create form to collect anthology registration
  • Recruit editors, graphic designers and marketers
  • Send out regular emails to anthology participants:
    • Welcoming them to the anthology and explaining the basics
    • Sending the contract out
    • Mentioning key dates
  • Divvy up anthology participants between editors
  • Enforce deadlines wth the help of the editorial team
  • Collect final work
  • Organise the ISBN
  • Organise the online copy
  • Organise the POD copy
    • Put the POD copy on Bento Net
    • Promote the POD copy to libraries

Key dates:

  • Make time in April 2017 to help with 2017 anthology processing
  • Plan for 2018 anthology in July


Social Meeting Leader – Lachlan Allnutt


  • Planning social events for each month
    • Come early to meetings
    • Welcome first timers
    • Create events on Event Brite
    • Optional: plan activities for socials

Key dates:

The social meeting leader is a yearly role, you’ll be expected to organise socials for 12 months. If you are unable to go the entire 12 months then please talk to the current Sydney Comics Guild leader.


Workshop Leader


  • Plan workshops for each month of the year, which includes:
    • Putting up a poll for workshop topics every 6 months
    • Finding leaders for the chosen workshop topics
      • Looking after those workshop leaders before and during the workshop. This may include:
        • Reminding leaders about their workshops a month before
        • Arriving before the workshop leader
        • Helping the workshop leader set up their presentation
  • Promoting the workshops
  • Create events on Event Brite
  • Optional: Organise to record the workshops

Key dates:

Workshop leader is a yearly role, you’ll be expected to organise workshops for 12 months. If you are unable to go the entire 12 months then please talk to the current Sydney Comics Guild leader.


SCG Table Coordinator – Linnaine Williams

Organizes SCG tables for:

  • Comic Gong
  • Supanova
  • Zine Fairs


  • Organises tables for all (Can elect a sub-leader if not attending certain cons) major cons
  • Deals with table payments through treasurer


Sydney Comics Guild wants to promote our comic creators and the guild itself! We are looking for a person to organise articles for our blog, to organise images for our social media and to come up with ideas to promote our creators!


  • To maintain our social media
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Blog
  • Organise articles for the Sydney Comics Guild blog

Key dates:

  • Aim to promote Sydney Comics Guild creators around these events:
    • Comic Cons
    • Anthology releases
    • Comic events – I.e. 24 hour comic day

Content Creators – Meriana Gyory


  • Comic news
  • Comic calendars w/ gurus
  • Resources
  • Interviews


  • Creates content for the SCG site
  • Commission articles and content from SCG members
  • Looks for out-of-date information or information gaps on the site


Publicity Officer – Nick Anning

Helps promote Sydney comics


  • Helps maintain the SCG website with publicity in mind
  • Maintains a social network presence for SCG
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Tumblr
    • Etc.
  • Works with the Keeper of comics to promote the comics on the list


Camp Coordinator – Previously Anna Riart


  • Plan the camp
    • Research and choose the venue
    •  Choose a budget for the camp
    • Plan the food
    • Create form to collect camp registration
    • Create invoices for camp
    • Create she duke for camp
    • Plan workshops
      • Plan a number of workshops for the camp
      • Find leaders for those workshops
      • Budget for workshops
  • Advertise the camp regularly

Key dates:

  • Choose a date for the 2017 comic camp and work backwards from there


The Curator

In charge of the yearly exhibition


  • Run the November Sydney Comics Guild exhibit
    • Choose a theme for the exhibit
    • Collect the creators promotional material
    • Collect the money from creators
    • Remind creators of key dates before and during the exhibit
    • Works with Vinh from ArtShine
    • Help organise a time for the gallery workshop
    • Help promote the show:
      • Write a blurb for the show (about a paragraph)
      • Find an image to promote the show
    • Plan 2 supplement events to highlight the show

Key dates for 2018:

  • Show dates: 1-27 Nov
  • Opening: 4th Nov
  • Workshops: 11th, 18th, 25th Nov



Zine Team

In charge of the yearly zine fair


  • Organises the yearly zine fair by
    • Organising a location
    • Finding interested participants
    • Collecting payments
    • Organising insurance


The Librarian – Oscar Xiao

Organize the SCG book swap system


  • Keeps track of books within the book swap system




There are a number of opportunities for comic creators in Sydney to sell their comics in Sydney and around the country. The distributor will look for those opportunities, organise Sydney Comics Guild members and ship the books.


  • Research distribution opportunities for comic
  • Promote opportunities for distribution and organise create rows
    • Get creators to create invoices (including wholesale and retail price) for the books they want to sell
    • Make sure the contract/terms of sale are clear for the creators
    • Collect the books and invoices
    • Organise shipping for the books
  • Record how many books were sold
    • Organise to receive unsold copies back
    • Organise restocking of books
    • Organise invoices for creators

Key dates:

  • Flexible


Project leader


Do you want to run a charity project, plan a writing jam or host a 24 hour comic event? Do you want to use Sydney Comic Guild’s members, resources and assistance? If so talk to the current head of Sydney Comics Guild.


  • Although Sydney Comics Guild will provide assistance you will be expected to put your own team together and to run the project.
  • A project plan and deadline

Key dates:

  • Depends on the project


The keeper of comics

Keeps a list of local comic by year – with link to purchase


  • Keeps track of comic history by
    • Maintaining a section of the Sydney Comics Guild website that lists all the comics published in Sydney by year
    • Keeping copics of printed comics


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