The Sydney Comics Guild holds an annual themed exhibit for members in November, as an opportunity for creators to have a go at gallery exhibition. In an SCG exhibit 10-12 creators may together display and sell their work in the ArtShine gallery space. For newer artists this presents a chance for them to experience a new creative direction, as well an opportunity to grow some direct exposure in the Chippendale arts scene. In 2017, the exhibit will be themed, “Tell me a story”.

The cost of participation of the exhibit will be calculated once the number of participants has been confirmed. It should be around $182 to $200 each. Included in the cost is a 2 hour workshop on exhbiting professionally, provided by ArtShine. Artists participating in the exhibit will be expected to promote the exhibit and their artwork in it.

To apply for participation in the Sydney Comics Guild exhibition, please have the following items ready for submission:

  • A square head shot of at least 1200x1200px (10x10cm), labeled <yourname>_Artist.jpg
  • A biography, labeled <yourname>_bio.docx
  • A hero shot, labeled <yourname>_heroshot.jpg
  • An artist’s statement of no more than 200 words, describing aspects like your style and medium, experience, focus, your current occupation and your subject matter and inspirations, labeled <yourname>_artiststatement.docx
  • An artist CV of no more than one A4 page, labeled <yourname>_CV_Year.docx
  • Your works to be exhibited framed with D-Rings, ready to be hung.
  • An artwork statement for each artwork, including both a full statement of 250 words and a condensed statement of 70 words. These must be labelled <yourname>_<artworkname>_Full_statement.docx, and  <yourname>_<artworknam_Details_statement.docx, respectively.
  • Artwork labels for each artwork, labeled <yourname>_artwork labels.docx

All images submitted should be saved in jpeg format at 300dpi, saved at maximum quality.


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