I had the pleasure of becoming a huge fan of Tabby after I took home a copy at this year’s Supanova. When I found out author, Stephen Kok, was releasing an accompanying sketchbook through Kickstarter I was right on board.

Now, I’ve been lucky enough to do an interview with him to really find out the story behind Tabby and how Stephen has managed to successfully launch and fund his two Kickstarters.

Tabby by Stephen Kok Tabby by Stephen Kok

First off, to introduce yourself, if you were a figurine what would your label say about you?

Aspiring Writer. With hopefully the word aspiring covered over with a stick-it-note. I have different stories and ideas in my head that I just want to get down onto paper.

Your comic Tabby, is a unique, heart-warming tale about two families of cats. Can you tell us a bit about the Tabby world?

Tabby’s world is typical suburbia. The key feature in Tabby’s world is a clock tower in the middle of the town. It’s what draws the other family of cats into Tabby’s neighbourhood.

As a writer, there’s very little text in Tabby, do you find this made it easier to write or harder?

It was actually much more challenging. Dialogue is very useful for developing characters as well as plot advancement.

So we can learn from you, what sort of superstar routines did you develop to successfully take your idea from your mind to a final printed version?

Honestly there are no superstar routines. There’s not even any special tricks. It’s really just one step after the other. I’ve been wanting to create a graphic novel for as long as I can remember but have procrastinated so much time away with various excuses. The best advice I can give someone is start with a plan and work your way down the list.

Tabby by Stephen Kok Tabby by Stephen Kok

What sort of superstar routines do you have in general to keep up your energy levels, motivation and productivity?

Having a plan is the key. I’m big into task list and when you see one action completed and crossed it, it motivates you to do the next one! With any of this projects, there sometimes seems like there’s a million things to do so it’s good to break it down to the step by step. It does get easier the second time around!

You successfully funded two of your comic book projects using Kickstarter, what tips would you have for someone who’s taking the Kickstarter route?

Invest in your project personally before asking someone to invest in you. Too many Kickstarters are just wishes without demonstrating any hardwork behind them. Be able to show completed pages, completed panels etc., it doesn’t have to be all completed but enough needs to be done so you can pitch your idea and show that they are pitching on something that will happen rather than a pipe dream.

Can you tell us, in your best elevator pitch, about the new Tabby Sketchbook?

Amazing sketches of lots of cute cats with scenes of action, adventure and romance!

What’s the best thing about being a comic book creator?

I think comics are a fantastic medium. It’s in between prose and a movie! I always feel like a director when writing out the panels!

Where can we follow you to find out about all your upcoming projects?

I post updates at :
I always try to include lots of artwork in the updates!

Tabby by Stephen Kok Tabby by Stephen Kok

– Written by Meri Amber

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  1. SK 4 years ago

    Thanks for the interview and it was a pleasure meeting you at Supanova Sydney 2015!

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