I got an email last night from ACA!

“Hi again Alex, your comment about public liability insurance reminds me to tell you that the ACA has PLI for official ACA functions. Food for thought down the track that SCG events become ACA functions so you’re covered (no it isn’t a takeover LOL). We don’t have Sydney offices but can organise a room or even use the Friend In Hand Hotel in Glebe (the owner is a long time ACA member and a good bloke). Anyway that’s all food for thought. The new committee hasn’t been shown the ropes just yet – that’s around two weeks away. Once that is done then we can push ahead regarding comic book guys and gals. Anyway just a heads up.”

So we may be able to be covered for liability for events with ACA’s help AND have a room at the Friend In Hand Hotel in Glebe which sounds great!

We have some exciting times ahead of us!




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