Here’s the plan

To do:
Work on website

  • Create a forum
  • Create a ‘development’ blog
  • Create a ‘life drawing resources’ page
  • Create calendar events for all the comic cons/events for Sydney
  • Advertise – make new posters/postcards and distribute them

To develop for SCG

  • Workshops
    • Organise list for 2013
  • Anthology
  • Zines
  • Fortnightly critique – develop culture of
  • Read comic course – see if it can be used
  • Contact established comic artist
    • and see if there are any comic book launches
  • Find someone to adopt 24 hour comic event
  • Create networking event – create an event for all comic people in Sydney – Comic Jam?
  • Comic studio (create space for communally creating comic and keeping book resources)
  • Set up ‘weekly activities’
  • Create ‘professional/industry links’ – with publishers, the ASA, arts council

About the group
How to join
Where do we meet
History of the group
The Committee
News – Our Facebook feed?
Contact details
Locations of events, clubs or meetings – Events calendar
Photos and details of past events
Forums (

  • General
  • Book club
  • Critique

Resources – links and articles

  • 1. Guide to printing (paper stocks, offset or digital, choosing a printer)
  • 2. Comic book page size guide (for standard, manga, magazine and trade paperback size books)

Create event page – asking members to ‘adopt’ events

  • 24 hour comic day
  • Anthology
  • Zine (bi-monthly?)
  • Exhibition

Member’s links
Artist spotlight
Buy online
Artist work
Donate to SCG

Create leadership team
Leader – Creates events and explores possibilities
Vice-Leader – Steps in when leader isn’t present, motivates group
Secretary – deals with paperwork and legal stuff, applies for grants
Treasurer – manages the money for events and workshops

– A theme or direction for the exhibition
– A date (a realistic one which takes into account works that must be made to suit the theme or to refine them/frame them suitably) (5-6 months)
– A confirmation of who would like to be in the exhibition based on the date set
– A preferred place to hold it
– And your budget range
Since the comics guild is a collective, it will be easier for you guys to gather funds and just tell me how much you want to spend on stuff, and we can discuss commission fees as well (though because I love you guys I won’t charge more than 10% of all sales made)
i’d also be happy to design your promo materials as well as part of my commissioned work but it depends on whether you want to design it yourselves and you can just ask me how it should be edited?


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