Founding member and keen comic creator, Alex Hammond focuses on black and white sequential art.

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Alex Hammond

Comic creator and illustrator
Genre: Fantasy Adventure, Steampunk
Media: Watercolour, Ink, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Student currently attending COFA completing a Bachelor of Fine Art

Current Comics/projects:

Previous Comics/projects:


My Folio

My Deviant Art

I’m a comic enthusiast who started SCG because I wanted a comic scene within Sydney. I didn’t think there would be many comic creators in Sydney but there are and most were thinking the same as me! I’m keen to develop a business model that means us comic creators can create our own comics (and not just Marvel and DC) here in Sydney (and not have to move half way across the world if they don’t want to!). The internet is creating a global industry and it’s revolutionizing the comic industry and I think the future of the Australian comic industry will be tied to this revolution somehow and it’s exciting!
I want to create comics that will change the world, revolutionary stories that explore and explain the human condition. I want to explore everything from poverty to religion, mental illness to happiness. I want to create comics that break the mold and redefine what comics are (I’ve been trying to do a bit of that in my student work). I want to hold a mirror to society, like any work of art, and raise the status of comics.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Comics

Student member of Australian Society of Authors


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