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Welcome to the Sydney Comics Guild!  We’re a community group that offers free social meetings and some free workshops.  However, there is a priced membership for people who would like to support the guild and develop professionally as comic creators.

  1. Vanessa Bathfield 3 years ago

    Good Morning,

    I am contacting from Felix at Foxtel and we are interested in applying cartoon wall art to our meeting room walls.

    Could you please advise how we go about selecting an artist as well as prices etc?

    Thanking you,

    • Alex 3 years ago

      Hi Vanessa

      If your looking for an artist I’m happy to post an ad on the Facebook Group page or send your details on to a few people directly. I think it’s always best to cast a wide net.
      As for prices, that’s a rather personal thing that changes from illustrator to illustrator.

      Thank you!

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